ABC’s Political Punch
February 8, 2008

Rush Limbaugh Thursday said he’s considering raising cash for Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign so as to ensure she’s the Democratic nominee.

Earlier in the week Limbaugh said that if Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, is the Democratic presidential nominee, the GOP this November is "doomed."

After the withdrawal of Mitt Romney from the GOP race, Limbaugh said to his listeners, "might it be required (she’s having to loan herself money), do you think I should conduct a fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton? Mitt did his part today. He got out so as not to fracture the party any further and not to harm the effort to win the war in Iraq. Should I do my part, not by joining my liberal friends in the Republican Party, but actually raising money for Mrs. Clinton, and asking you to join me, so that she would have a chance here to once again have a good shot at getting a Democrat nomination so that we win the White House?"

Limbaugh underlines that "the reason for raising money for Hillary is because that apparently my party is relying on fear and loathing of Hillary to get the nomination, to unite Republicans, who are, some of them, off the reservation. The Republicans do not seem to be relying on leadership in their party to unite the party. They seem to be relying on all these external things, nobody is going to vote for Hillary, negative turnout factor. What if she’s not the nominee? We’ve got make sure she’s the nominee if the Republican Party is to be unified. What more loyal thing could I do than to run a fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton? You watch, though, you watch how that will be questioned."

On Wednesday, Limbaugh said of Clinton, "she just polarizes people. I think she’s going to gin up enough anti-Hillary turnout out there to perhaps be a boon to whoever the Republican nominee is. …Now, if Obama is the nominee, we are doomed, and you should get ready and prepared for it now."

Limbaugh, who has been a thorn in the side of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the GOP presidential frontrunner, predicted that as it becomes more certain that McCain will be the Republican nominee, the media would soon turn on him, "doing stories on his age, and they’re not going to be mean, they are not going to be vicious, they’re going to be almost sorrowful. … We’re going to get the worst pictures of McCain. We’re going to get him looking tired. We’re going to hear references to his forgetfulness. ‘Isn’t it just a shame?’ And if that doesn’t work, then they’re going to do stories on the fact he’s nuts. Just mark my words."

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