WeAreChange South Carolina
January 13, 2010

Lindsey Graham held a town hall meeting tonight (1/12/10) at Clemson University near his hometown of Central SC. He had a lot of hometown supporters which was obvious.

It lasted almost 2 hours. He gave the usual talking points about wanting to attack Iran.

He claimed he was against cap and trade even though hes not. He talked about government spending being out of control depsite his votes to increase it. Graham said
he would stand behind Obama and encourage him to attack Iran to keep them from creating a nuclear weapon and engaged in fear mongoring. He also said naked body
scanners should be mandatory for everyone who wants to fly on a plane. Most of the crowd seemed to be in a trance by his spin and lies and BS. He said the Republican party needed to move to the center more. Many Ron Paul supporters were there and spoke out a lot. I hope to compile more footage of some of the other questions.

[efoods]I held my arm up for 2 straight hours to ask him a question. I was wearing a Live Free or Die Infowars Tshirt. Graham passed me by multiple times depite me being on the aisle in the 5th row.

Even the folks all around me found it obvious that i was being avoided due to my camera and shirt. One man was thrown out who had a live free or die tshirt for yelling. Someone else spoke up about flight 253 being a false flag.

Lindsey Graham is a globalists who is trying to climb the ladder of the new world order. He needs to be confronted at every oppurtunity.

He ignored all of my questions about bankergate. Because he knows whats going on he helped to engineer it.

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