Martin Hill
Lew Rockwell
December 23, 2009

The psychological operations conducted by the government of conditioning the public through covert mind control and subliminal influence has been documented for many years. This continued throughout Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, and now that there is talk of a Ron Paul run in 2012 , even on Paul’s own website, with 94% of respondants favoring a 2012 run in the latest poll, establishment pundits on the so-called right are amping up a marginalization campaign of Dr. Paul and his supporters.

[efoods]Last week, in a bizzare stretch that would make Orwell blush, Hannity called Ron Paul supporters extremists and claimed that the military industrial complex is what gives us freedom of speech.

Hannity had previously told Chuck Norris that Ron Paul is nuts after Norris spoke favorably of Paul.

In his thorough August 2009 article FBI informants operating openly in our midst, Alex Ansary includes a clip where Hannity is confronted regarding his association with neo-nazi FBI informant Hal Turner.

Glenn Beck, meanwhile, who has been touted as a potential running mate by Sarah Palin, is on record saying that he “hates 9/11 victims families for asking questions.” Palin’s lead John McCain went so far as to blame the rise of Hitler on Ron Paul’s ideology.  Even supposed truth seekers are demonizing Paul, with 9/11 truth advocate Webster Tarpley insisting that  Hitler’s critque of FDR policies are the same as those espoused by modern-day libertarians.

It might be helpful to revisit one of the more notorious instances of this smear campaign: when Glenn Beck likened Ron Paul supporters to terrorists. As reported at the time, complaints flooded CNN in the aftermath of that broadcast.

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