Kurt Nimmo
July 13, 2012

If selected in November, Mitt Romney will serve as the front man for the reinstallation of the neocon faction in the White House. Establishment media murmuring about his choice for vice president – Condoleezza Rice – underscores the return of the so-called Vulcans.

“No one in the Romney camp would confirm or deny the story, in keeping with the campaign’s tight-lipped approach to the selection process. But it’s possible the item was a trial balloon from the campaign attempting to gauge the reaction to Ms. Rice as a possible pick,” the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

Condi is a seasoned war criminal and her expertise will be required as a Romney administration addresses unfinished business in Syria and Iran if the Obama administration does not finish the job by the time of its possible defeat come November.

Rice is famous for her “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud” comment made in January of 2003, two months before the invasion of Iraq. Condi and other Bush administration officials were never held to account for the cynical lies that resulted in the murder of 1.5 million Iraqis.

According to a report produced by the House Committee on Government Reform’s Special Investigative Staff, president Bush, vice president Cheney, Secretary of State Powell, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and National Security Advisor Rice lied about the threat posed by Iraq in 125 public appearances and made 237 specific “misleading statements” about Iraqi WMDs and collaboration with al-Qaeda.

Following the so-called Downing Street memo revelations conclusively demonstrating that the ludicrous WMD accusations made against Iraq and Saddam Hussein were fabrications and lies, Condi Rice’s reputation – thanks to the establishment media – remained untarnished.

Instead of examining her assertion that the United States has the right to invade other countries under false pretense, the corporate media at the time paid more attention “to Rice’s stylish clothing and her future job prospects, from her professed interest in becoming National Football League commissioner to speculation that she will be part of the next Republican presidential ticket,” Robert Parry wrote in 2006.

In addition to setting the groundwork for organized mass murder, Rice was intimately involved in promoting torture. In 2009, a narrative released by the Senate Intelligence Committee revealed that “Rice personally conveyed the Bush administration’s approval for waterboarding of [CIA ghost detainee Abu] Zubaydah to George Tenet, then CIA Director, in July 2002.” She would later testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee said she could not recall details.

Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times and subjected to numerous other interrogation techniques including forced nudity, sleep deprivation, confinement in small dark boxes, deprivation of solid food, stress positions, and physical assaults. CIA tapes of his interrogation were destroyed in 2005. Zubaydah has never been charged with terrorism or any other crime.

The rumored elevation of Condi Rice by the neocon group that controls the Romney campaign’s foreign policy signals that if Obama is trounced in November the United States will revisit the Bush era method of taking out the enemies of the global elite.

Of course, there is very little difference beyond stylistic flourishes between the foreign policy of the Democrats and Republicans. Both receive instructions from the global elite and the shadow government that calls the shots.

Like many of her comrades in the Democrat party, Republican Rice is an esteemed member of the Trilateral Commission, worked as an international affairs fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, collaborates with the Rockefeller funded Aspen Institute, and attended the Bilderberg Group in 2008.

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