Kurt Nimmo
January 7, 2012

Get ready for theatrics as the globalist insider Chuck Hagel heads to Capitol Hill to face neocon Senate Republicans opposed to his nomination as Defense Secretary.

photoChuck Hagel. Photo: Department of Defense.

The former Nebraska senator is co-chair of Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board and is also a member of the Secretary of Defense’s Policy Board. He heads up the globalist Atlantic Council.

The Rockefeller Brothers funded Atlantic Council works closely with the RAND Corporation, the Brookings Institution, American Enterprise Institute, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations to forge the establishment’s foreign policy.

The Council is globalist from top to bottom. “The CFR is the American branch of a society which originated in England,” writes the late Barry Goldwater. “Internationalist in viewpoint, the CFR, along with the Atlantic Union Movement and the Atlantic Council of the United States, believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established.”

It is a virtual who’s-who of globalist insiders, including Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, Henry Kissinger and James Schlesinger. It features a number of neocons as well, including former CIA boss James Woolsey and Dov Zakheim, the Bush-era undersecretary for defense and financial officer who stepped down after trillions went missing at the Pentagon.

Hagel is portrayed as a “maverick” due to his opposition to the neocon foreign policy agenda, specifically the plan to attack Iran. The Brzezinski faction believes an attack on Iran would be “an act of utter irresponsibility” and “potentially a significant immorality.”

Because of this opposition, Hagel is portrayed as a racist. “Send us Hagel and we will make sure every American knows he is an anti-Semite,” said a nameless Republican Senate aide. “Hagel has made clear he believes in the existence of a nefarious Jewish lobby that secretly controls U.S. foreign policy. This is the worst kind of anti-Semitism there is.” Neocons invariably resort to this sort of ad hominem attack when faced with criticism.

“Chuck Hagel, if confirmed to be the secretary of defense, would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of Israel in our nation’s history,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican and neocon fellow traveler said Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union.

“Not only has he said you should directly negotiate with Iran, sanctions won’t work, that Israel should directly negotiate with the Hamas organization – a terrorist group that lobs thousands of rockets into Israel – he also was one of 12 senators who refused to sign a letter to the European Union that Hezbollah should be designated as a terrorist organization.”

Due to their knee-jerk reliance on the broken-down left-vs-right paradigm that dominates establishment politics, many Democrats and liberals are also opposed to a Hagel nomination.

According to David Greenberg, writing for the Democratic Leadership Council front publication The New Republic, Hagel’s policy disagreements with the neocon faction have resulted in strong “conservative” Republican opposition to his nomination:

The real reason, or the main reason, is that despite approving the Iraq War authorization in 2002, Hagel later broke with Bush and the GOP on the thrust of their Middle East policy, including their continued hawkishness on the Iraq war, their hard line against Iran and Hamas, and their staunch support for Israel. Simply put, Hagel’s stated positions on Iran, Israel, and other key issues deeply worry many Republicans. (They also trouble no small number of liberal Democrats, including me.)

The headline dominating theatrics surrounding Hagel’s confirmation hearing represent little more than a miff over nuances in policy within the ranks of the ruling elite. Brzezinski’s advisement on Iran reveals displeasure with the over-the-top neocon approach to the Middle East and the desire of elements within the ruling elite to minimize the destructive pro-Israel fanaticism entrenched in both the Republican and Democrat wings of the establishment political party.

Chuck Hagel and Obama are hardly saps for a demonized Iranian mullocracy and the Israeli supported “terror group” Hamas. Establishment Democrats and their Republican allies like Hagel prefer the diplomatic approach to undermining Iran and oppose a military attack on the country — and short of that imposing harsh sanctions — because of the political damage and reverberations an overly aggressive neocon policy will produce.

Obama’s reelection was portrayed as the “new face of American policy in the Middle East that will relegate the aggressive policies of George W. Bush into the distant past,” according to Matthew Duss of the Globe and Mail.

Neocons have roiled over the “vigorous diplomatic engagement and sanctions” route of dealing with Israel’s regional enemies since they sent a letter to president Clinton in 1998 demanding the United States attack Iraq and take out former client (and CIA operative) Saddam Hussein.

Despite Hagel’s apparent squeamish (according to the neocons) over punitive sanctions levied against the people of Iran, it should be remembered that Democrats and their president, Bill Clinton, were responsible for maintaining more than a decade of sanctions against Iraq – sanctions that resulted in the death more than 500,000 children.

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