Nestle is launching a lower-sugar Milkybar made with a new version of the sweetener which could help ease the $185 billion confectionery industry’s growing public health headache.

Milkybar Wowsomes, a new more expensive take on the 81-year-old white chocolate made famous by the gun-slinging Milkybar Kid ads, will be on shelves in Britain and Ireland in coming weeks.

The world’s largest packaged food company says the new bars have 30 percent less sugar than a typical chocolate bar, helped by the use of Nestle’s new ingredient, sugar that has been physically altered to be lighter and dissolve faster. But they have only 3 percent fewer calories, due to extra natural ingredients.

The new sugar, first discussed publicly in 2016, partly addresses one of Big Food’s toughest challenges – how to make junk food healthy but keep it tasty.

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