Associated Press
December 19, 2008

Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu warned Thursday that “a terribly dangerous threshold will be crossed” if Iran obtains nuclear weapons, and urged world leaders to make sure it does not happen.

After a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the hardline front-runner in next year’s elections, laid out his plans for Mideast peace and called Iran the “greatest historical challenge” the world faces.

efoods“We have never had a situation in the history of the world in which a radical regime with a retrograde ideology and apparently known ambitions on the use of force will get access to the weapons of mass death,” Netanyahu told reporters, referring to the prospect of an Iranian nuclear bomb.

The whirlwind visit to Paris came as a French parliamentary report raised new warning signs about Iran’s progress toward a nuclear weapon, and amid revelations about a budding European Union peace initiative for the Middle East.


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