If you weren’t paying attention in the past month, you might actually believe that Russian spies infiltrated our voting booths to help Donald Trump win the presidential election. Well, at least that’s the perception the big three news networks are trying to create by repeatedly insisting that Russia “hacked the election.”

From December 8 to January 8, MRC analysts found that journalists on ABC, CBS and NBC repeated this loaded phrase at least 49 times in their morning and evening broadcasts. After blaming the electoral college for Clinton’s loss didn’t work, the media moved on to blur the release of Democratic e-mails with the idea that Russia “hacked the election.”

In fact, the declassified version of the report, released January 6, flatly stated that “DHS assesses that the types of systems Russian actors targeted or compromised were not involved in vote tallying.” In other words, while embarrassing e-mails from Democratic political operatives were publicized, America’s election machinery was not hacked. Nevertheless, the media has been relentless in attempting to legitimize this “fake news” story.

See journalists repeatedly claim the election was hacked in the video below:

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