Marie Horrigan / CQ Politics | July 29, 2008

The protracted fight between Ron Paul activists and the Nevada Republican Party over Nevada’s delegates to the Republican National Convention is finally over.

Last week, the state party’s executive board decided to appoint the delegates recommended by its nominating committee.

In a statement announcing the decision, state party Chairwoman Sue Lowden said appointing delegates “was the best course of action.”

“We had every hope to reconvene the State Convention but feel strongly the nominating committee has chosen a wide range of delegates who will make our party proud,” Lowden said.

Nominees were not asked which presidential candidate they supported, the party said.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the Jan. 19 Republican caucus with 51 percent of the vote; Paul placed second with 14 percent and (now-presumed) Republican nominee John McCain was third with 13 percent of the vote.

Republicans ended their April 26 convention without finalizing the 34 delegates to the national convention after procedural maneuvering by hundreds of well-organized Ron Paul supporters grounded the convention to a halt.

In early June, the state party announced it would reconvene the convention on Saturday, July 26, to finish the party’s business. However, Lowden announced a week before the planned do-over convention that an insufficient number of credentialed delegates confirmed they would attend, leaving the party without a quorum.

“With so many people concerned about the economy, it simply wouldn’t fair for us to ask delegates from all over the state to spend money to attend a convention if we know that a quorum won’t be present,” Lowden said.

The party instead called a special meeting of the executive board to handle the issue.

Paul officially ended his presidential bid in June, but a spokesman for his ongoing movement — the Campaign for Liberty — told CQ Politics they were disappointed.

“It’s our position and our hope that the delegate votes should be counted and counted fairly, and it’s disappointing that apparently they have not done so,” spokesman Jesse Benton said.

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