The Nevada rancher who was at the center of an armed standoff with federal agents last year held a peaceful rally on Tuesday in support of a proposal that would give the state greater control of public lands, local media said.

Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Bunkerville, 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, was the site of an armed protest against the U.S. Bureau of Land Management last April after the agency sought to seize cattle because Bundy refused to pay grazing fees.

Nevada lawmakers are debating a bill that would make the federal government obtain permission to use land in the state, and would let county commissions parcel out state land for commercial use, including land claimed by the U.S. government.

Carrying placards bearing slogans including: “It is simple: the land belongs to the people,” Bundy and several supporters of the bill, some wearing cowboy hats, gathered in the state capital, Carson City, images from local channel KLAS-TV showed.

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