A new Adidas commercial shows the “Indians” in Cleveland Indians being taped over while a voiceover suggests that the team should change their name because it is offensive.

The ad features sports stars such as Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys, Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs and Candace Parker of the L.A. Sparks.

The video – entitled ‘Create Positivity’ – has received almost 500,000 views on YouTube, but the main backlash has been on Instagram, where users have slammed the company for caving to political correctness.

“Many teams have started to change their names,” states the narrator as a young basketball team is seen covering up the name “Indians” with yellow tape.

The Cleveland Indians are of course a baseball team, although there are high school basketball teams called the ‘Cleveland Indians’ too.

While Adidas appears to have deliberately mixed up the sports, the message remains pretty clear – using the word “Indians” is politically incorrect and has to stop.

Reaction to the video was vitriolic.

“Can Insta make a dislike button?” asked one respondent.

“I didn’t think it ‘d be possible for Adidas to get any lamer,” added another.

“Why did they tape out the Indians? Adidas is trash,” said another.

The promo is the latest cringeworthy attempt to insert social justice into a feel-good commercial.

The Cleveland Indians have faced calls and protests to change their name for years, while MLB commissioner Rob Manfred also recently told the teamto “transition away” from using their distinctive “Chief Wahoo” logo that depicts a grinning Native American man.


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