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April 26, 2008

Despite major news media coverage fawningly supportive of the Texas FLDS police state raid and trial, thousands upon thousands, maybe millions of Americans are saying, "This is wrong!"

For example, the petition below was signed by over 2,200 people in less than six days. But will Gov. Perry of Texas even see this petition? And if he sees it, will it make any difference? How do the many, many outraged people really make a difference, really have their voices heard?

is a organization which has sprung into action to fill the void, to "help supply the demand" for something to be done about the unconstitutional use of force and fraud by Child Protective Services in Texas and other states.

FreeTheFLDSChildren seems uninterested in joining the FLDS-bashing frenzy displayed by the ratings and sales-driven predatory news media. Their interest seems to be more fundamental: constitutional rights and the compassion of freedom:

"This site has been created to Promote Due Process, Religious Liberty, Human Rights, Constitutional Rights, and Freedom for the FLDS Community and All Of Us! This site will only publish positive things about the FLDS. Do not doubt this site is pro-Constitution. Stories and Articles to that end will be published here, as well as Analysis, Commentary, and Editorials. Comments on this site will be tightly controlled, and those that wish to smear or speak negatively will be summarily dismissed. If you’d like to help support the FLDS in their quest to regain their children you are more than welcome to contact us here."

We assume an ongoing objective of FreeTheFLDSChildren will be to seek reform of the Gestapo-like Child Protective Services of every state where bureaucratic power is being abused.

We have previously given examples of how in many States children have been taken away from their parents because they were being raised as vegetarians, and yet there are mountains of evidence that a modern enlightened vegetarian diet is far healthier than a meat diet. Can anyone say "bureaucratic socialist insanity?"

Or how about cases of Child Protective Services knocking on the door of parents because someone had phoned them complaining the children were playing in the back yard barefooted. Can anyone say "American Gestapo informant network?"

"Why are States deciding who can be married and who cannot be married?"

"Why are bureaucrats deciding who can have sex and who cannot have sex?"

"Why are judges listening to ivory tower socialist psychologists deciding what is a good lifestyle for children and what is not a good lifestyle?"

These are questions this new organization are sure to be asking.

Abuse by Child Protective Services and their puppet judges must be stopped everywhere. Child Protective Services and the legal system must be drastically reformed. Children must be freed!

"Free the Innocent FLDS" Petition

Target:Texas CPS, Governor, and Judges
Sponsored by: Connor Boyack

We, the undersigned, urge Texan authorities to free the innocent women, children, and other members of the Fundamentalist LDS Church who are currently being detained. We demand that the Constitutional rights of the innocent be preserved, and that due process be served. As individuals are innocent until proven guilty, we call upon the Texas Governor to intervene in this matter and allow the women and children to return to their homes peacefully. We also demand an apology, most especially from the Texas CPS, for the heinous acts of aggression displayed in these recent events.

Click here to read over 2,200 furious comments by signers of a Free the Children Petition.

Texas Foster Care System Is Hell!

The State of Texas believes these 416 children, about 100 under the age of 4 years old, would be better off in the Texas Foster Care System, rather than in their own homes. Here is a shocking video that describes the horrors of the abusive Texas Foster Care System.

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"Miracles make time and tide wait for all men. They can heal the sick and raise the dead because man himself made both death and taxes, and can abolish both." ~ Jesus Christ (A Course in Miracles)

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