A commercial airliner that normally caters for tourists will fly ‘migrants’ directly from the Middle East to Sweden in the latest example of how the European welfare haven is rolling out the red carpet for refugees, the vast majority of whom aren’t even from Syria.

“Emad Zand and Susanne Najafi have started the airline Refugee Air to fly refugees from camps in the Middle East directly to Sweden, where they can seek asylum,” reports Speisa.

The planes used to transport the migrants are usually reserved for tourists traveling to and from Scandinavia and will be repurposed.

Migrants will be vetted as to their eligibility for asylum status before they fly, although there are innumerable reports of refugees obtaining fake documents to claim they are Syrian. According to the United Nations, only one in five of the refugees leaving the region for Europe are from Syria.

“When private companies are competing to send people to the moon, we must also be able to do something to save people in distress,” Zand told Swedish public broadcaster SVT. Refugee Air is also calling on Norway and other European countries to follow their example.

While Sweden will be the first country to transport migrants directly via airliners, last month a New York Times editorial called on all European countries to fly refugees into the continent.

Around 80,000 migrants have arrived in Sweden since the beginning of last month, although half of these have already gone “underground”.

Sweden’s radically liberal immigration policy has become so notorious that many people are beginning to question whether the nation is committing cultural suicide.

As we reported earlier this month, a Swedish Bishop in Stockholm proposed removing crosses from a Christian church and replacing them with Islamic symbols in order to cater for Muslims.

Some politicians have even called for giving free housing, jobs and welfare to returning ISIS jihadists – all at taxpayer expense, while residents are also being asked to turn over their garages to house migrants.


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