Kurt Nimmo
November 3, 2008

A new video has surfaced clearly showing the demolition of WTC Building 7.

In its latest report, the National Institute of Standards and Technology attempted to once and for all put to rest the evidence that the building was taken down via demolition by explaining that fires had caused the collapse. Specifically, NIST claimed “thermal expansion” had brought about the collapse. As Trish Stevens notes, the NIST report “is contrary to all historical, visual, and physical evidence, according to an independent worldwide organization composed of more than 470 engineers and architects. WTC-7 was a 47-story skyscraper located more than a football field away from the North Tower and was not hit by any airplane, yet completely collapsed hours after the Twin Towers fell in a similar manner.”

Dr. Steven Jones says there is “an abundance of evidence which NIST refuses to look at or even account for that clearly points to controlled demolition as the source that destroyed these buildings.”

As the new video clearly reveals, the center supporting columns of the 47-story building were taken out, allowing the building to collapse into its footprint in a symmetrical, straight down fashion. “This is controlled demolition,” averred demolitions expert Danny Jowenko in 2006. “A team of experts did this. This is professional work, without any doubt.”

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In 2007, a 9/11 first responder went on the record to describe how he heard a demolition-style countdown precede the collapse of WTC 7. “Earlier this year, we reported on the testimony of an anonymous EMT named Mike who told Loose Change producer Dylan Avery that hundreds of emergency rescue personnel were told over bullhorns that Building 7, a 47 story skyscraper adjacent the twin towers that was not hit by a plane yet imploded symmetrically later in the afternoon on 9/11, was about to be ‘pulled’ and that a 20 second radio countdown preceded its collapse,” writes Paul Joseph Watson. “That account was backed up by another ground zero rescue worker who went on the record with her full name. Volunteer EMT Indira Singh described to a radio show how she learned that WTC 7 was going to be ‘brought down’ and the context was clear that it was to be deliberately demolished.”

“The whole time you’re hearing boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I think I know an explosion when I hear it,” NYPD officer Craig Bartmer revealed last year. Bartmer stated his incredulity at how fast the Building 7 site was cleaned up compared to the rest of ground zero.

In addition, other ground zero emergency workers have gone on record as stating they were told Building 7 was to be “pulled.” An anonymous source, identified simply as “Mike,” told Loose Change producer Dylan Avery that hundreds of emergency rescue personnel were told over bullhorns that Building 7 was to be brought down.

An yet, if we are to believe NIST and FEMA, fires are responsible for the classical demolition of the building. Now that we have a video that clearly and irrefutably shows that Building 7 was indeed brought down by demolition, the response of NIST and FEMA will be interesting.

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