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Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance
July 13, 2012

Less than a year ago I wrote an article about pro war propaganda in video games which was sadly one of my most controversial articles for that whole month, despite the fact that I covered some very important topics during that time.  Even if you doubted that the popular wartime first person shooters were propaganda before, you are going to have a hard time not being suspicious after hearing that the villain in the newest “Call of Duty” videogame is described as the “leader of the 99%”.

It has become blatantly clear that a political message is being sent by the ruling class to the rest of us using these video games and other media.  I’m not saying that there is something wrong with video games, we all need time to relax every now and then and if that’s how you decide to do it that is great.  However, this specific series and others like it that glorify war and demonize activists are highly suspect and can now quite confidently be identified as outright propaganda.

Just this week a gaming website even compared the the villain to Julian Assange saying “The game’s main villain is Raul Menendez, described as the “idolized Messiah of the 99%”—a Julian Assange-like character who’s old, experienced, and hell bent on starting a global insurrection against the status quo. He hands Sgt. Frank Woods, the protagonist of the first game, a necklace at the end of the trailer which symbolizes a connection between the two characters.” You can take a look at the trailer for yourself below:

Even if you don’t believe the subliminal and chemical implications of surrounding yourself with this media as I discussed in my article last year, you must at least admit that this storyline is crafted from the perspective of the ruling class, where activists should be shot at with elaborate weapons and it is noble to fight for the aristocracy.  It is possible that this is the result of the ruling class controlling the media, or maybe it can just be chalked up to the mainstream political narrative being so deeply entrenched in the minds of the programmers, although I highly doubt it’s that simple.

Regardless of the cause, we should take this as another example where mainstream art and culture reflects the desires of the ruling class.  This is extremely dangerous because art and media has such a profound impact on the minds of those who come in contact with it.  In so many ways our opinions and outlooks are formed and manipulated by the information that we consume, especially if one has not trained themselves to think critically.  Luckily this kind of propaganda is highly ineffective if you are aware of it and are able to critically assess what your being exposed to.

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