An upcoming show produced by Viacom-owned cable network Comedy Central takes on Alex Jones and the rise of Donald Trump and the alternative independent media.

In a new late-night series entitled, “The Opposition,” The Colbert Report actor Jordan Klepper will embody an Alex Jones-like character satirizing the current media landscape and mocking President Trump’s rejection of fake news outlets.

“Dear lord, do you want to see another full Alex Jones?” Klepper said at the Television Critics Association Tuesday when asked if he would directly rip-off Jones. “We’re inspired by the points of view of these alternative media sources, but I think I’m going to pull my character from a handful different points of view.”

“I’m a Midwesterner, and I have a different tone and a different sensibility. So I like to see myself as Alex Jones meets Garrison Keillor.”

He added he’d play the character as “a heightened version of myself—a character, somebody who is a know-nothing provocateur who fights for the forgotten man. I may at times also forget that man. But I will remember him and try to sell him supplements that are made in China.”

Klepper says the program intends to “satirize the hyperbolic, conspiracy-laden noise machine that is the alternative-media landscape.”

“There has been a great normalization of bullshit in America,” Klepper claims. “America always has had a level of bullshit.”

Klepper described the show as being “about America in 2017” where news sites like InfoWars and Breitbart are commanding larger audiences.

“This is where the bullshit starts and gets tested in its little kitchens,” Klepper stated. “This world sees itself as The Outsider. Donald Trump sees himself as The Outsider – as he tweets from inside the White House.”

Comedy Central also mocks President Trump with another series called The President Show.

Previously, Klepper’s former cohort Steven Colbert riffed on Alex Jones with fictional “Brain Fight” character Tuck Buckford.

The new show will be added to Comedy Central’s evening lineup September 25.

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