In consideration of the evolving state of affairs regarding the United
States of America, the time has come for the people of the United States of
America to disassociate itself from the various branches of governmental
agencies that no longer serves the best interests of the American people. Two
hundred years after the American Revolution, the United States has once
again fallen under power to a corrupt ruling oligarchy that has no regard
for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of its citizens.

In the new millennium what we have instead is economic hardship, an
evaporating middle class, war, deliberate misinformation through
corporate-owned media outlets, voter fraud, and an evisceration of our
cherished Bill of Rights and Constitution. All of this accomplished through
stealth and secrecy by our leaders who have sworn to uphold the Constitution
but have instead demolished it for their own selfish interests and for the
corporate interests of those whom they represent. Our leaders now break the
law regularly and in almost every capacity with nearly no real fear of any
kind of legal consequence.

What we are stating today is both a formal grievance to our leaders that
they have broken the founding fathers’ vision for the United States, a
vision we have all adopted through our socialization and by which the
collective conscious of the United States has amassed by the world’s
standard, the greatest country ever founded in all of civilization, and a
declaration that we are no longer interested in abiding by the standards of
order that have enabled them to oppress their own people for personal gain
and broaden their imperialistic horizons elsewhere. We are fully aware of
the deliberate demise of this great constitutional republic and we are no
longer interested in participating in the system of tyranny they are molding
for the people of this great nation.

The scope of their infractions is enormous and crosses all generic
boundaries of what ought to be standard in a free republic. Particularly
powerful is the manipulation of information through the propaganda machine
of the mainstream media. Key points of situations are regularly and
deliberately left out to get the public to participate in the own demise of
the country. The use of mind control is much easier when the
corporate-owned media controls the messages we are given. It is much easier
to get the public to go along with condemning the Russian attack of Georgia
if the media fails to tell the public that Georgia first attacked Russia. The
deliberate misinformation coupled with deceptive semantics such as Homeland
Security, Patriot Act, and Net Neutrality leaves the general public with an
idea that these elements are actually good even though they might not have
read the papers on such topics. The mainstream news media reporting
propaganda of global domination and reporting this as fact combined with the
creation of institutions and plans that are oppressive in nature but are
tagged a name or term that is deceptive in nature is a part of the mental
enslavement our government has fully participated in is only one part of the
government’s betrayal of its citizens. Using key words over and over,
“terrorist,” “the enemy,” “Al Qaeda,” “Osama Bin Laden,” “radical Islam,”
and so on has further enabled mindless groupthink to flourish and has
stifled any kind of ability to rationalize the current state of affairs.

The shaping of public perception may not be an illegal activity in of
itself, but the willingness of the federal government to exploit mind
control for the personal agenda of the corporations, global bankers and
various political persons of the world shows that this is no longer
government for the people by the people. However, the collective perception
they seek to shape regarding the illegal events they have created is where
their real crime lie and where their most treasonous activities have
occurred, activities that warrant us to overthrow this government:

Creating a secret propaganda campaign to manufacture a false case of war
against Iraq.

Falsely systematically and with criminal intent conflating the attacks of
September 11, 2001 with misrepresentation of Iraq as a security threat as
part of justification for a War of Aggression.

Misleading the American people and members of congress to believe Iraq
possessed weapons of mass destruction to manufacture a false case for war.

Misleading the American people and members of congress to believe Iraq posed
an imminent threat to the United States.

Invading Iraq absent a declaration of war.

Failure to act properly in the event of a national emergency. In the event
of Hurricane Katrina, national guards instead used that tragic event as an
opportunity to confiscate citizens’ guns and violate their 2nd Amendment.

Directing telecommunication companies to create an illegal and
unconstitutional database of private telephone numbers and e-mails of
American citizens.

Secretly authorized and encouraged the use of torture against captives in
Afghanistan and Iraq as a matter of official policy.

Announcing the intent to violate laws with signing statements.

Tampering with free and fair elections and corruption of the Administration
of Justice.

Conspiring to violate the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Imprisoning children.

Violation of Posse Comitatus Act

Spying on American citizens without a court-ordered warrant in violation of
the 4th Amendment.

There is significant evidence that these are all behaviors that the
President of the United States has participated in. The lack of furor over
congress to address these probable infractions of the law proves them to be
a complicit part of our government. With an unruly commander in chief and
an impotent congress, the judicial branch of government is, in effect,
rendered futile.

Therefore, in consideration of the above, we are to abolish the government
as it exists. If we are to continue as a nation of liberty and justice for
all, we cannot cooperate with a tyrannical government that has established a
base in 130 different countries, stages false-flag terror on its own
citizens, enforces unconstitutional taxes on the labor of the individuals of
this nation, acts against the best interests of its citizens through secret
meetings and trade agreements, fraudulently allows for a private bank to
issue the national currency. Currently our once great nation’s reputation
is plagued with war where our leaders have sent our impoverished and poor to
fight the impoverished and poor of other nations. While the media acts as
the propaganda machine to manipulate the commoner into mindless groupthink,
the true sons and daughters of liberty recognize the fraud and deceit the
media and our politicians have willingly perpetrated on America and the war
they intend to wage on all of humanity. This is the battle of good verses
evil; good will prevail. To our cowardly tyrants who rule behind the
curtain and their servants, our politicians, who are only slightly less
cowardly but every bit as disingenuous: The creator of the universe is on
our side. Knowing this we fear nothing. In the end, all will be revealed.
There will be no hiding. We are prepared to pay the ultimate price, for if
we are not, we have no chance of reclaiming mankind’s self-autonomous
nature. You are not our kings and queens. We know our destiny, liberty
bestowed upon us by our creator, cannot be stifled by the control
psychopaths whose delusions of grandeur have led them to their mad quest of
godhood. We have confidence in the victory of good over evil.

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