In recognition of the human condition, man is often forced to choose between his liberty and his security. However, neither can be achieved in

an of it’s own right, lest the other be lost. Furthermore, knowing that security, in every single situation, can never be guaranteed at any cost, it

is the right, obligation and duty for every man, woman, and child to strive for liberty in all it’s abundance, throwing off the yoke of those that

would subjugate them in the name of peace, polished manners, and facades wrought with misconception. It is in this name of liberty, a God-

given right, a paradox of the sentient to protect and augment in any means necessary, that we do hereby bring the following grievances to

governments, corporations, and individuals, who have appointed themselves in implementation of said security both in the United States and

throughout the world.

Twelve generations prior, a group of individuals, some bearing quills, and others arms, or both, took upon themselves this afore-mentioned

God-given right. During the span of twelve years, they defeated those of the British crown, empowering themselves unto a new land and

identity away from King George III. The document they inscribed told of frustrations with taxes, unjust imprisonment, and thievery of common

law guaranteed to every British citizen. They further marked down a constitution of a free, seemingly unassailable republic, where every person

had a chance to achieve his or her own definition of liberty and dream to the realm of impossibility.

However, as time has progressed, this very document on which the government of the United States of America was founded, has been utterly

decimated and eroded by the very people elected to guard it’s sacred honor. In time other governments followed suit, each by their own routes

and strategies, manipulated by agendas that are bigger than themselves. Guided by the warped ideals of those individuals without, who

knew not what true liberty stands for, these senators, congressmen, judges, and even presidents, and their cohorts seek more to live their lives

in comfort and avarice on the backs of those they constantly swindle. They have created falsehoods to tear down the very fabric of freedom,

often at the expense of lives and always at the expense of the Will of the Creator.


I. For the utter disregard for the citizenry to bear arms, or any device he chooses necessary to defend himself within or without the court of law,

II. For the willful and shameful malfeasance, a truncation of a man’s given right of expression of ideas,

III. For corrupting the very language and original meanings of words and or phrases, twisting them to their own selfish ends,

IV. For the indoctrination and inculcation of the young, the blatant and unjustified destruction of mind, body and soul of any age for the sake

of power and profit.

V. For the unjust regulation of business and commerce, and the levee of any taxation suffered by said commerce,

VI. For the intrusions repeatedly executed by corrupt officers of peace, whether conscripted or hired, and their malicious intent by demonstrable

means to foment an atmosphere of fear and panic among the governed,

VII. For the unwarranted and continued execution of world conflict, often guided by derelict actions of the executioners,

VIII. For the juxtaposition of fact with falsehood by media outlets, outright omissions, misdirections, and otherwise egregious mannerisms

brought to bear upon the masses,

IX. For the perpetuation of false dichotomies, granting only cursory evidence in political arenas to multiple viewpoints, in reality only agreeing

when advantageous by means of furthering power and dominance,

X. For the continued exaltation of erased national borders and eroded sovereign powers,

XI. For the elimination and subversion of sovereign currencies, via inflation and fiat, and not allowing said exchanges to be supported by

anything of intrinsic and static value, doing so in coordination with financial institutions whose very purpose is the antithesis of liberty,

XII. For the infiltration, destabilization, and outright usurpation of cultures, peoples, ideas, and other basic human conditions,

XIII. For erecting structures, both of manual labor and of corrupted thought, to enslave and imprison freemen whom have committed no sin

against their fellow man,

XIV. For the continued decimation of the sacred institutions of marriage and Holy union,

XV. For the hubris and unmitigated guile of engaging in secret acts and rituals, normally abhorrent to the sensibility of the common man,

XVI. For the continual twisting of various texts of different faiths to support manmade agendas,

XVII. For the unjust application and interpretations of existing laws designed to protect liberty and rights wherever they may be found,

XVIII. And in general, for ignoring any and every man’s right to live as his Creator had intended, free and in glorious liberty,

We, the citizens of the World, and in concert with the citizens of the United States of America, hereby declare our independence from those

principalities set upon us by evil, be they individual, corporate, or political. We reserve the right, and as basic a right as we can be able, to

enjoin ourselves in self-governance, and thereby chose to grant ourselves our original liberty as a birthright. We swear by the blood of our

fathers and their fathers before them, that no man should be in bondage, however comfortable and secure that bondage may seem, for it is in

the mere state of uncomfortability that the greatest of success in any arena can be achieved. We claim this right for ourselves, our

descendants, and for all those who choose to live as we do, and we choose to defend this right by any means necessary. The sovereignty of

our thoughts, our decisions, our destinies, lay within us and only us, and are not subject to the whim of any entity, no matter what bulwark they

hide behind. We recognize our own justifications in every situation, and that we ultimately have one Judge, and that what we do in our lives

will reflect on what we will answer for to this Judge when we face Him. We undertake this oath, whether belief in a Creator or not, in whatever

form we choose to believe, to the very ideals of the way a man’s life was intended.
It is the obligation under natural law that man alone should cleave. The original intent of the founding fathers of the United States based itself

on a text long regarded as the sole passage to eternity, and therefore these men modeled the documents they penned after what was in this

tome they considered sacred above all things. Lest men forget, that this same document upheld liberty to or not to worship, the wholeness both

of the family and of self, coupling this idea with the single paramount virtue “Love thy neighbor as thyself..” It is from this document, that a

government forged in singular purpose, lasting through conflict, division and reunification, on the backbone steadfastly of what it meant to be

a human being. Unequivocally and irrevocably, all men are certainly not only are created equal, but are entitled to keep such equality in the

most transparent manner, irregardless of events both internal and external.

We therefore recognize that government is an iron-clad instrument of men, and that the words that produce the backbone of said governance

should not be subject to any interference from the way it was originally manifest, thereby insuring it’s own place in the hearts of those who long

for the ways of their own choosing. Every word, clear and bold in presentation, must reflect the light of destiny and self determination. Devoid

of prejudice, and reproached in transparency ad-infinitum, the government must always serve the interests of liberty, of one man, and of all


So say us one, so say us all!

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