April 7, 2011

UPDATE 11.15 CST – New Japan Quake Cuts Power To Nuclear Plants

UPDATE 11.13 CST – Blackouts reported in Sendai.

UPDATE 11.09 CST – Quake halts operations of some thermal power plants in Aomori, Akita according to Kyodo News.

UPDATE 11.05 CST – Here is a better video of the blue light:

UPDATE 11.02 CST – Sky News is still reporting on the blue light, calling it an “Earthquake light” and promising to seek an explanation from a seismologist.

UPDATE 10.59 CST – More on that mysterious blue light. It can be seen at 38 seconds into the video below:


UPDATE 10.50 CST – Video taken in Tokyo of a blinding blue light witnessed on the horizon at the time of the quake is causing a stir. Sky News reports that the light could be a phenomenon thought to occur due to intense electromagnetic activity with the movement of tectonic plates.

UPDATE 10.22 CST – No damage, casualties in Miyagi Pref. as of 11:55 Thurs.: police

UPDATE 10.20 CST – The quake has been revised down to a mag 7.1.

UPDATE 10.19 CST – Japanes Weather agency sees Miyagi quake as aftershock of March 11 temblor.

UPDATE 10.16 CST – Water is still being injected into the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima plant.

UPDATE 10.15 CST – Workers at the Fukushima plant have been moved to higher ground, according to TEPCO officials.

UPDATE 10.13 CST – BBC news is reporting that the waves from the quake have already hit parts of the shoreline.


A strong earthquake measuring 7.4 has struck 25 miles off the Japanese coast, close to the 9.0 quake that hit last month. The Japanese government has issued a Tsunami warning and is expecting a wave up to 2 meters high imminently.

No impact has yet been detected at the Fukushima nuclear plant according to Japanese news.


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