Members of the Democratic-Media establishment along with GOP insiders have begun a campaign to portray Donald Trump as mentally unfit to be president, despite the fact that all signs indicate it’s Hillary Clinton who is mentally incapable of taking the hot seat.

The campaign began with Barack Obama declaring Trump “unfit to serve” and has now morphed into a petition launched by California Democrat Rep. Karen Bass demanding that Trump undergo a mental health evaluation.

“Donald Trump is dangerous for our country. His impulsiveness and lack of control over his own emotions are of concern. It is our patriotic duty to raise the question of his mental stability to be the commander in chief and leader of the free world,” the petition states.

“Mr. Trump appears to exhibit all the symptoms of the mental disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Mental health professionals need to come forward and urge the Republican party to insist that their nominee has an evaluation to determine his mental fitness for the job.”

The attack continued with Georgia Republican Electoral College representative Baoky Vu asserting that he will not vote for Trump, whose, “antics and asinine behavior has cemented my belief that he lacks the judgment, temperament and gravitas to lead this nation,” according to Vu, who subsequently resigned.

The DC Whispers blog confirms that a smear attack to declare Trump “mentally incompetent” is in full swing, noting, “These forces don’t need actual medical verification of their claims, but rather seek to merely have it confirmed within the court of public opinion.”

GOP officials hope the smear will work and that Trump will be forced to drop out. As the Daily Caller reports, Republican insiders are still intent on sabotaging Trump’s campaign and are actively seeking his replacement.

Running alongside this narrative is the media hoax that Trump’s campaign insiders are in revolt over the Donald’s behavior and that an “impending mass defection” is imminent, claims that Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has vehemently denied.

The attack on Trump’s mental competency is particularly ironic given that Hillary Clinton has been caught on camera in recent weeks behaving bizarrely in what some mental health experts have told Infowars is a sign of both her sociopathic personality disorder and the fact that she is still having seizures as a result of the 2012 blood clot on her brain.


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