The new President of the EU Commission won an “election” in which she was the only candidate by just 9 votes.

Yes, really.

“European Parliament votes by 383 to 327 to confirm Ursula von der Leyen (EPP) for a five year term as European Commission President,” tweeted Europe Elects.

Why it was called an “election” at all is baffling because von der Leyen had zero competition, but she still only just managed to squeeze through.

“Jeez – standing ovation for #UrsulaVonDerLeyen who won in an election against herself by – wait for it – 9 votes. Craven,” tweeted Claire Fox.

“New EU Commission President wins a one horse race by 9 votes. Farcical,” commented Brexit Party MEP Michael Heaver.

“This is the EU’s idea of democracy,” remarked Raheem Kassam. “One candidate. No mandate. She now wields executive control of one of the world’s largest power blocs. This is Soviet level stuff.”

Indeed, the only choice on the ballot paper was which language to read it in.

Totally absurd and a reminder of why the UK voted for Brexit.


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