Russia’s air power assets operating in Syria are about to be given a significant boost. The most modern fighter aircraft in service today with the Russian Aerospace Forces will deploy to Kheimim aerodrome near Latakia, Syria. The Russian contingent in Syria announced Feb. 5 that the aircraft, the Su-35S will be place in operation for the first time outside the borders of the Russia.

The precise number of Su-35S models to be deployed to Syria was not specified by the Russian military representatives on the ground. But the Ministry of Defense said Feb. 1 that it was preparing to transfer four of the aircraft that are currently based at the Privolzhskiy aerodrome in the Astrakhan region to the Latakia base.

The Su-35S design is almost a complete generation in technology and performance beyond its forerunner, the Su-27 and Su-30-series fighter aircraft, and has progressed through several stages of development to reach its current configuration. Its advanced radar and new on-board systems gives the aircraft the ability to attack up to eight targets simultaneously. The NIIP N035 Irbis radar can also function as a subscale AWACS-type aircraft, making the Su-35S a battle space manager for other, older-generation aircraft.

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