Surveillance footage provided by former Trump advisor Roger Stone reveals the FBI worked with CNN the morning of the pre-dawn raid on his home.

This should be alarming to any American who is concerned with the government’s cozy relationship with MSM.

Footage of the FBI raid on Roger Stone’s home was leaked to Sinclair Broadcast Group by the Senate Intelligence Committee after Roger handed over his personal surveillance footage to the committee.

Roger joins Alex to break down this smear campaign against himself and Infowars.

This is security camera footage of the FBI colluding with CNN on the raid of Roger Stones home.

Never before seen footage of the FBI raid on Roger Stone’s home has been given EXCLUSIVELY to Infowars.

Roger joins Alex to deliver commentary on this possible felony committed by the FBI.

Unbelievable surveillance footage reveals the FBI was directing CNN camera operators during the raid on Roger Stone.

Roger tackles this injustice head on!

Footage from Roger Stone’s security camera system shows CNN arriving before the FBI raid as well as the FBI directing CNN camera crew several times before Roger Stone is brought out of the house during his predawn raid.

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