A new trailer for the upcoming season of ‘Homeland’ depicts an Alex Jones-like character targeting a Hillary Clinton-like president for assassination.

The upcoming 7th season of the espionage show has a rogue CIA agent (played by Claire Danes) trying to take down government criminals under the tyrannical administration of President Keene, who has arrested 200 intelligence agency members after barely surviving an assassination plot in the season 6 finale.

One of the plotters against Keene is Alex Jones-like conspiracy theorist character Brett O’Keefe, who is determined to assassinate the authoritarian president.

“The founding fathers foresaw the dark day when we would face a president like her,” warns O’Keefe as he aims a pistol at a poster of the president’s face.

“Anyone who takes a stand for what they believe, people are gonna say they’re crazy. They’ve been calling me that for years.”

Entertainment Weekly admits that the show’s producers predicted a Hillary Clinton win, which explains why President Keene (played by Elizabeth Marvel) was first portrayed as a soft liberal figure but ends up being an authoritarian waging war against the Deep State to reflect a political climate similar to Trump’s.

“The show banked on Hillary Clinton winning in 2016 while making season 6, then recalibrated a bit midway through after Donald Trump won,” James Hibbard wrote.

“Keene was originally presented as a liberal and sympathetic figure until the season’s climactic assassination attempt, after which she went on an authoritarian warpath, which is where this alternate D.C. universe finds itself now.”

The entertainment industry has launched numerous campaigns attempting to defame Alex Jones and Infowars over the last year, including Comedy Central’s “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper,” and online parody shows “Patriothole,” and “Lil Alex Jones.”

Late night host Stephen Colbert also had a segment on his show dedicated to smearing Jones called, “Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford.”


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