South New Jersey TRT
January 13, 2011

Recently while visiting Washington D.C., members of the South New Jersey Tyranny Response Team had the opportunity to interview the Congressman for New Jersey’s 2nd District, Frank A. LoBiondo.

Questions regarding the debt ceiling and foreign policy were answered evasively as one would expect from most politicians. However, when asked about the Federal Reserve System the results were surprising. LoBiondo not only expressed some knowledge of the institution but also strongly expressed his belief that the private bank, which controls the currency and credit of the US, should be audited. The Congressman further added that he felt this year, 2011, would be the year that an audit is finally achieved. LoBiondo then went on to surmise that he expected to be “shocked and surprised by what we find”.

While the Congressman’s record is not Constitutionally on par with Ron Paul, his comments are an indication and a signal that our continued efforts in the grass roots are being heard. If we are persistent in this infowar, we will continue to have victories.

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