Cape May County Herald
July 5, 2008

Lower Township Police Chief Edward Donohue announced that the Department of Homeland Security will provide the Lower Township police with a Real Time Video Surveillance System through the U.S. Army’s Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program, or CEDAP.

Donohue stated that the police department applied to the Army’s CEDAP Program last year for the system.

The system consists of several cameras that can feedback live video to police headquarters or vehicles from several miles away. Donohue states the system will be utilized for police surveillance operations, tactical operations, and to monitor critical infrastructure as needed. For security reasons, Donohue would not reveal the exact number of cameras or their complete capabilities.

Donohue noted that the system is free of charge at no cost to taxpayers.

Lower Township Police Officer Kevin Lewis will fly to Raleigh, N.C. in August to be trained on the new system. The officer’s flight, lodging and meals are all covered by the program, again at no cost to taxpayers.

Donohue noted that this is the third time that the department has utilized this program and has previously received Thermal Imaging Night Vision Equipment and Fiber Optic Cameras from the program, all at no cost.

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