“This body intends to treat otherwise law-abiding citizens the same way it treats sex offenders…”

Mikael Thalen
March 24, 2014

A New Jersey lawmaker blasted legislation seeking to ban high-capacity magazines last Thursday, calling the bill a “public relations stunt.”

During a speech at the Assembly Chamber in Trenton, NJ, Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R) questioned his fellow legislators’ intentions regarding a 10 round magazine limit while pointing out the bill’s more egregious aspects.

“Mr. Speaker, the question presented today is whether we as a body will substitute one completely arbitrary limit, for a smaller, even more arbitrary limit on magazine size, instantly turning millions of our fellow citizens… into second degree criminals, for the offense, Mr. Speaker, of possessing a metal box with a spring,” Carroll said. “This body intends to treat otherwise law-abiding citizens the same way it treats sex offenders, aggravated arsonists, burglars and kidnappers.”

“For the offense of peaceably owning an utterly harmless item, we will throw these peaceful citizens into jail for up to 10 years… and utterly destroy their lives, and for what? A public relations stunt, because that Mr. Speaker is what this bill is all about. It will do precisely nothing to save a single life but will ruin numerous other lives, all the while infringing on basic fundamental constitutional rights, all that some folks can say they are doing something.”

During his six minute speech, Carroll dismantles the proposed legislation with clear facts and logic, also noting his “Democratic colleagues” initial call for confiscation.

“Now, lets talk about common sense Mr. Speaker. We do not measure our freedoms against the possibility that a lunatic, psychopath or basely evil criminal will abuse them,” Carroll said. “A free society asks not why people want or need their freedom, it asks why a government would restrict it… We do not limit alcohol sales to two shots because some of it may lead to a DUI.”

Carroll also mentions statistics regarding real dangers facing children, most notably swimming pools, facts that are often left out of gun control conversations.

“We do not limit possession of swimming pools to licensed life guards despite the fact that children are substantially more likely to die by drowning than by gunshot, let alone by mass murder,” Carroll said. “And none of these items Mr. Speaker, booze, cars, pools, are endowed with constitutional protections.”

Carrol also goes on to point out the hypocrisy in allowing former police to be exempt from the law, noting a recent case where a retired officer murdered an unarmed man in a movie theater.

“What makes a former cop any more vulnerable or anymore trustworthy than his neighbor? In an infamous case of assault by popcorn in Texas, which produced a tragic killing, the shooter was a retired cop,” Carroll said.

While a minority of lawmakers across the country attempt to push unconstitutional firearms legislation, countless individuals are winning the information war by doing the same as Carroll.

Just this month, businessman and gun enthusiast Anthony P. Colandro told New Jersey’s Assembly Committee that he would “not comply” with any proposed firearms legislation.

Navy veteran and firefighter John Cinque made headlines after telling Connecticut lawmakers that he would “not comply” with similar legislation last year as well. Cinque and other Conn. residents helped crush the already-unpopular legislation’s public image even further after exposing an officer’s call for door-to-door gun confiscation earlier this month.

Last month, a man who fled Cuba’s communist regime in the 1960s made national news after blasting Oregon lawmakers during a public hearing on proposed gun control.

Other forms of civil disobedience have begun to appear as well. Just last week, Second Amendment supporters in Saratoga Springs, New York burned nearly one thousand gun registration forms in protest to the New York SAFE Act.

Although major gun control advocates have desperately attempted to keep their true agenda quiet, recent revelations have removed all doubt.

Earlier this year, a New York legislator exposed rejected Democrat proposals from the SAFE Act gun bill which were revealed to include outright gun confiscation. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo publicly supported the idea as well, stating that ‘confiscation is an option’ during a 2012 interview.

Last month, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Mayor John C. Tkazyik announced his resignation from Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) group, revealing the group’s plans for outright gun confiscation.

Last year, Austin, Texas City Councilman Mike Martinez admitted that his group was working toward an outright gun ban during a Moms Demand Action gun control rally.

While many propose confiscation, states such as California have already begun confiscating guns from citizens for alleged violations.

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