The lyrics to a new Katy Perry song timed to coincide with her re-branding as an anti-Trump “activist” includes a line that openly encourages her fans to riot.

Released earlier today, the pop star’s Chained to the Rhythm track features lyrics by reggae singer Skip Marley that include the lines, “We’re stumbling, we’re crumbling, and we’re about to riot / They woke up, they woke up the lions.”

Elsewhere, the lyrics make reference to “liars” and the “empire,” clearly placing it in a political context.

“Even though Skip is the one who seems to slyly diss the President, many drew attention to how it’s still Katy’s song, and how her lyrics could also be related to the current political climate,” reports Hollywood Life.

Perry, who now considers herself an “activist” according to her Twitter bio (no doubt a genuine lifestyle choice and not just an avaricious form of virtue signaling to make more money), endorsed Hillary Clinton multiple times and headlined a concert in her honor back in November.

Following Donald Trump’s victory, she took to Twitter to call for a “revolution,” asking people to “rise up”.

As part of her new role as the Che Guevara of pop music, Perry also attended last month’s anti-Trump “women’s march” in DC.

After releasing her new song, Perry proclaimed the new era of “purposeful pop”.

Fans reacted to Perry’s new song by thanking her for taking on Trump.

“The anthem for our revolution!” wrote one.

“Katy Perry’s #ChainedToTheRhythm is the 1st major pop release that feels influenced by Trump era,” added another.

It is rumored that Perry will perform the new song during an appearance at the Grammys this Sunday.

Other anti-Trump pop stars have also jumped on the bandwagon in recent weeks. During the “women’s march,” which was organized by a supporter of sharia law, Madonna gave a speech in which she said she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”.

While it’s unlikely that Perry’s fans are likely to organize a mass riot any time soon, her new song highlights how popular culture is re-branding civil unrest as a trendy form of virtue signaling in order to cash in on the deep political divisions that plague America.

There have been numerous riots since Trump won the presidency, including immediately after the election, at the inauguration, more violent unrest in response to his travel ban policy, as well as the shocking scenes at Berkeley last week when attendees of a Milo Yiannopoulos event were pepper sprayed and beaten by Antifa thugs.

While the dominant culture desperately tries to portray itself as the anti-establishment counter-culture, the only real counter-culture is the new brand of conservatism that helped sweep Trump to victory in the first place.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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