A Rio Rancho Police Officer is dead after what police say looks like a traffic stop gone wrong. Bernalillo County Deputies say they believe they have one suspect in custody. Now, they’re searching for another suspect and an SUV.

This all happened near Pine Tree and Southern in Rio Rancho and about 8:00 Monday night. Police are still trying to piece together what happened. So far, all they can determine is that a Rio Rancho Police Officer had an interaction with a man and a woman in an SUV and, at some point, it turned violent.

“It appears as though it was a traffic stop. It wasn’t the result of the officer looking for them specifically. It appears as though it was circumstances that unfolded in front of the officer,” said Rio Rancho Captain Paul Rogers.

The Rio Rancho Police Department said this is the first time a Rio Rancho police officer with the department has been shot and killed in the line of duty.

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