Practically since Obamacare became law, Republicans in Congress have been promising to repeal it. The law has been consistently unpopular during that time as well.

With the election of President-elect Donald Trump, it seems as though those promises and unpopularity are about to coalesce into real repeal. As the prospect of repeal becomes more and more of a reality, public support for repeal has also gained some momentum.

The January edition of the Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows that those who want to repeal Obamacare outnumber those opposed 48 percent to 47 percent. This is higher than in the November edition, which found that 43 percent wanted to repeal or scale back the law.

This also corresponds with the reopening of the gap in public approval of Obamacare, which narrowed to an equal number favorable and unfavorable (45 percent) around the time of the election. By December, favorability had dropped to 43 percent and unfavorability had risen to 46 percent.

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