Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time For Another Mass Viral Wake Up Call For Humanity 270410top

Alex Jones’ Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA and Jason Bermas’ Invisible Empire are now available to watch on You Tube in full length for free, and we are calling on all Infowarriors to help us make the videos go viral in an effort to reach millions of new people, just as we did with The Obama Deception.

It is imperative that people circulate the You Tube links in order to send the videos to the top of the You Tube charts so that those who wouldn’t normally come into contact with this sort of information are exposed to it for the first time.

The viral success of The Obama Deception shortly after it hit You Tube last year has been widely cited as one of the influencing factors behind Obama’s plummeting approval rating, particularly amongst young people who voted for him yet have since woken up to the fact that he is nothing more than a puppet for Wall Street and the global elite.

The film even landed Alex Jones the dubious honor of appearing on a White House enemies list.

The Obama Deception has received a staggering 5.8 million views on just one You Tube version in little over 12 months. With your help in spreading the word, we can attempt to have the same viral impact with both Police State 4 and Invisible Empire.

Watch the two videos below via the embedded players. Direct links to You Tube are also provided. Invisible Empire has already received over 220,000 views in under two weeks without us even promoting the You Tube version until now.

Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA – full length high quality You Tube version at

Invisible Empire – full length high quality You Tube version at

Thanks to all the Prison members who subscribed and were able to exclusively watch both films in super high quality on the release dates. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to promote where people can see the films for free. We hope we can rely on your future support for subsequent films.

We also thank those who bought the DVD’s and are making copies to reach hundreds of thousands more people in the information war.

As the global banking elite increase their stranglehold over the United States and the police state grows, the people are peacefully resisting in numerous ways. One of those ways is a wholesale rejection of establishment media propaganda that has dominated the country for decades.

By turning these two documentaries into mass viral transmissions we can help to crumble another edifice of the corporate media structure and in the process recruit millions more Infowarriors to the cause.

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