Patrick Henningsen
December 5, 2011

A series of high-profile paedophilia scandals have unfolded across the country in recent months, where each new revelation is more shocking and disturbing than the one before it.

It should be clear by now to any doubters after the recent uncovering of paedophilia horrors surrounding Penn State University’s football program and Syracuse University’s Basketball program – that indeed, America has a national epidemic on its hands.

One major feature of this particular heinous crime is that it is mostly hidden from public view because incidents occur under the shadow of well-established institutions who help to shield perpetrators from publicity by handling reports through internal affairs, or by simply turning a blind eye to known abuses, always in ‘the best interests of the institution’. In this way, a government or educational institution allows abusers to escape full reciprocity for their crimes.

The largest known institution to suffer such an epidemic is undoubtedly the Catholic Church, able to cover its own internal affairs for generations. Taxpayer-funded institutions are even more diabolical though, as crimes and the covering of crimes are inadvertently funded and maintained by a society collectively. For this reason, it is right to suspect that there are hundreds, if not thousands of Jerry Sanduskys and Bernie Fines carrying out deviant acts on innocent children every day across the United States – and under the protection of their respective institutions.

This leads us to one of the most bizarre incidents of recent, still yet to reach any full explanation, or legal conclusion.

Dr Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, a senior government scientist from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta facing multiple child molestation and bestiality charges only months before, was quietly allowed to return to her high-powered post at the US gevernment agency.

Dr Lindsey and her live-in boyfriend, 42-year-old Thomas Westerman, who was a resource management specialist with the CDC, were both charged with ‘immoral and indecent’ sex acts with a a six-year-old boy, along with an additional charge of bestiality for Ms. Quinlan – derived from incriminating photographs revealed to local police.

The alleged incidents took place between Jan. 1, 2010, and Aug. 22 at Dr Lindsey’s Decatur, Georgia residence. Both were allowed to go free on bail in October this year. Oddly, there is little or no mention to date as to who this six-year old boy is, or any statement alluding to his legal guardianship.

According to a recent report in  the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Dr Lindsey has returned to work as deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office – overseeing the Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services.

In the past she has also received a number of awards and commendations, and received her post-graduate degree from next door Emory University.

In most cases, professional persons facing such serious charges would be suspended from work pending the outcome of a trial, particularly if they are employed in a public office or agency. Not in this case however, and the public agency in question did not feel it had to justify its decision to reactivate Dr Lindsey to the CDC:

“Calls to Westerman’s attorney, Reid Thompson, and to a CDC spokesman seeking comment were not returned. The agency typically does not discuss personnel matters.”

It is unclear what this means in terms of her relationship with the CDC, but the protocol is unusual. Questions from skeptics may be asked about what programs Dr Lindsey is involved with at the agency.

It is common knowledge to many Americans already that the CDC works in collusion with the world’s major pharmaceutical corporations to roll out various vaccine products, most notably the notorious Swine Flu scare in 2009, and a clandestine programs to track ‘flu vaccine compliance’ at the local level.

Previously, Dr Lindsey was a senior health scientist in the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, overseeing the allocation process for $1.5 billion in ‘terrorism preparedness’. At that time, a number of scandals had rocked the CDC. Most notably, there was a massive government investment to prepare for biological attacks. The CDC was in charge of supplying emergency ‘Chem Packs’ for millions of Americans, part of the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile of antidotes against supposed chemical weapons meant to be unleashed by al-Qaeda all over America. Naturally, such events dreamed-up by government never came to fruition, so the only beneficiary of this national exercise was the pharmaceutical corporations who won that CDC contract.

Even worse, however, are claims at the time that many of the so-called ‘terror preparation’ material was paid for by taxpayers, but genuine products never actually delivered. A lack of oversight and proper auditing has led to hundreds of billions of dollars, and even trillions of dollars disappearing into budget black holes in the US since 2000. The War on Terror is possibly the biggest-ever gravy train in US history, one that is is still moving ahead to this day.

But the CDC’s involvement in staged bio-events may go even deeper than this, as charges have been made against it, and the World Health Organization, along with pharma giants Baxter and Novartis, offering proof that the pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies themselves are actively engaged in developing, manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bio-weapons on earth in order to trigger a pandemic and cause mass death.

Was Dr Lindsey going to go public with something? Was she too valuable to get rid of? This may explain why the CDC had to get her back in line. Or is the CDC attempting to cover-up a wider paedophilia and child abuse ring linked to its own protected institution?

Pending the outcome of her trail in 2012, however, we can only speculate as to what actually happened involving charges of paedophilia.

One thing is certain though, and that is there will be increasing pressure on the CDC to explain why Dr Lindsey has already returned to her post.

One would also hope that there will also be increased pressure on the media to report crimes of institution-linked child abuse- a crime which we are now aware is happening every day across America.



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