Mark Krause
Gaia Health
August 30, 2013

The Gardasil & Cervarix situation is far worse than you might have imagined. The one thing that stands between you and deadly cervical cancer is a pap test, but as this report shows, even that has been subverted by the profit imperative that operates in modern medicine & the FDA. Be sure to avoid the new, more expensive pap lab methods, if you value your life. I predict a massive increase in women dying of cervical cancer—which will be used to sell more vaccines.

I am a laboratory technician who screens pap smears, a cytotechnologist, cytotech for short, and I believe that fraud is taking place in this field as a result of falsely advertised and/or dysfunctional products approved by a scandal-ridden Food and Drug Administration.

Currently most pap smears are no longer smears, they are monolayered preparation. The cellular material is dropped into a vial containing an alcohol solution. Some mucous and blood are dissolved and debris is removed. The sample is deposited on a slide in a single cellular monolayer. The great majority of cytotechs like it, including myself, as it is easier to read. Apparently the major reason it is in place is because of higher profitability.

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