Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has released the below information. A new patient reporting Ebola symptoms was transferred to the hospital. The patient was determined to be low-risk.

Thursday evening, a patient reporting Ebola symptoms was transferred from Baylor University Medical Center to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. The patient was placed in isolation at Texas Health Dallas and evaluated with all appropriate precautions. The patient was determined to be low risk and wanted to leave the hospital. The CDC and Texas Department of State Health Services were advised of this and did not feel it was necessary to have her detained.

It sounds like this was probably just someone not feeling well, unrelated to Ebola.

However, although the CDC determined it was safe for the patient to leave, many Dallas residents must be wondering why a patient was transferred to the very hospital where two care givers were infected, the original Ebola patient died, and where a controversy remains as to whether proper precautions were taken. Not to mention it is the hospital that both current Ebola patients were just transferred away from by the same CDC that apparently was aware of the new transfer from Baylor.

“Evaluated with all appropriate precautions,” reads the statement. In light of the allegatations from nurses and the two recent infections, a loaded statement at the least.

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