Santorum has not eaten into Texan Congressman’s numbers

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new poll conducted last night just before the final Iowa vote tally was announced shows that Ron Paul is holding firm in a strong second place in New Hampshire, with Rick Santorum unable to make much ground despite his success yesterday.

“The level of support for Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman were all unchanged among New Hampshire Republican primary voters who watched news coverage of the Iowa caucuses, according to the results of a CNN/ORC International poll conducted Tuesday night,” reports Politico.

The survey was conducted among 554 likely GOP primary voters in New Hampshire who watched coverage of the Iowa caucuses last night.

Paul retains a strong second place on 17 per cent behind Mitt Romney, who is the clear favorite on 47 per cent. Santorum has gained five percentage points since the last New Hampshire poll conducted at the start of the week and lies in fourth place behind John Huntsman with 10 per cent of the vote.

Ron Paul has maintained the same percentage from the previous Suffolk poll, whereas Newt Gingrich has lost three percentage points since December and now trails Santorum.

The New York Times’ primary projection shows that Ron Paul can be expected to compete for anything up to 34 per cent of the total vote in New Hampshire, whereas Santorum’s maximum is no higher than 14 per cent.

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As we document today, Santorum has poured all of his money into Iowa and has neither the funding nor the organization to forge any kind of momentum beyond the Hawkeye State.

The next three primaries, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida will center around whether Newt Gingrich can live up to the hype and join Romney and Paul as a top tier candidate.

However, Gingrich’s angry and at times infantile speech last night is not going to win him any new followers. Politico notes that Gingrich couldn’t get out of Iowa fast enough After an embarrassing fourth-place finish — a dramatic fall for a candidate who enjoyed front-runner status just two weeks ago.”


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