A new NBC poll finds that more Americans think race relations are improving under President Trump compared to last year.

How’s that for a media narrative fail?

The survey asked respondents, “Do you think race relations in your state are getting better, getting worse or staying about the same?”


20 per cent said getting better compared to 34 per cent who said they were getting worse while 44 per cent said they were staying about the same.

This compares to just 14 per cent who said they were getting better and 44 per cent who said they were getting worse when the same question was asked in 2018.

The poll also showed that slightly more Americans think the economy is performing well compared to last year.


The survey found that immigration is now the number one issue for voters, whereas last year it was in third place behind the economy and health care.


With these improving numbers, is it any wonder that the press is once again attempting to whip up a contrived race scandal around Trump?

“The survey measures ten solid months of media effort to attack and frame President Trump… yet the public can see right through it,” comments the Conservative Treehouse blog.


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