Press TV
January 14, 2010

Yemen’s Houthi fighters say Saudi war planes have once again pounded civilian areas in the country’s north, killing three members of a family.

The Houthis have reported 18 airstrikes by Saudi war planes in the northern al-Razih district. The attacks killed a man and his two daughters, they said.

[efoods]The resistance fighters further dismissed claims by officials in Sana’a, saying Yemeni troops have failed to capture the al-Dukhan military position.

While Saudi and Yemeni armies are engaged in a massive joint offensive against the Shia Houthi fighters in the north, there are speculations of more US military presence in the impoverished Arab nation.

On Wednesday, senior US Democratic Senator Carl Levin called on Washington to consider drone attacks against “al-Qaeda extremists” in Yemen.

Airstrikes, clandestine actions, and increasing US military aid to the Sana’a government are among options that the Michigan lawmaker urged the Obama Administration to consider in dealing with the “threat from al-Qaeda militants” in Yemen.

The US has recently launched air raids against several targets in southern Yemen as part of what Washington claims are efforts to wipe out hundreds of al-Qaeda fighters operating in the country.

However, news and eye-witness reports indicate that civilians, including women and children, have been the main victims of recent US air raids in Yemen.

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