At least 150,000 women in Sweden are victims of female genital mutilation according to a new study, a rise of over 100,000 on previous figures.

The study, which includes all countries in Europe, has not yet been published, but Swedish broadcaster SVT obtained the figures for Sweden and discovered that there were at least 150,000 FGM victims living in the country and probably significantly more given that there is silence surrounding the issue.

Sweden is home to many migrants from countries like Ethiopia and Somali, where female genital mutilation is common.

A previous National Board of Health study undertaken in 2015 found only 38,000 victims of FGM, suggesting there has been a huge increase since the acceleration of the migrant crisis.

The rise in FGM victims living in Sweden is undoubtedly connected to the vast numbers of Muslim migrants the country has accepted in recent years. More than 160,000 “asylum seekers” arrived in Sweden in 2015 alone, most of them from Muslim countries.

Female genital mutilation, practiced predominantly in Islamic countries, involves the ritual removal of external female genitalia and is widely recognized as a form of oppression towards women. The practice has no known health benefits and is primarily intended to eliminate the ability of women to feel sexual pleasure. The procedure can lead to women becoming infertile as well as chronic pain, bleeding and death.

Although FGM is illegal in Sweden, migrants will either already have had it done when they arrived in the country or will travel back to their home country to undergo the brutal procedure. The associated health problems place an increased burden on health care services in European countries.

Despite the practice being an obvious outrage against womens’ rights, the left has tried to normalize FGM in recent years. Prominent Muslim “feminist” Linda Sarsour has been venerated despite once mocking Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an ex-Muslim reformist and victim of FGM, by telling her that she should have her vagina removed.

Major outlets like the New York Times have also begun to refer to FGM as “genital cutting” in an effort to soften its barbaric nature, citing the excuse that the term “female genital mutilation” is “culturally loaded”.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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