New footage of the St. Charles Co., Missouri, SWAT team attacking an Al-Jazeera America news crew in Ferguson further exposes the sheriff’s department as liars for falsely claiming the SWAT officers were “assisting the media” when in fact they shot at reporters who identified themselves as press.

Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson was standing behind Al-Jazeera America and recorded this footage of the SWAT team purposely shooting at an obvious news crew who announced their presence.

“This is press over here! Why are you shooting at us with bullets?” One of Al-Jazeera’s reporters yelled to the SWAT team. “This is media over here trying to cover the story!”

The SWAT team responded by shooting tear gas at the reporters, who were by themselves blocks away from the nearest protestor.

After previous footage of the attack went viral across the globe, the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department responded by stating that “SWAT team officers were assisting the media in moving their camera equipment and media personnel to a safer area with their consent so that they could continue to cover the event.”

But as this new footage reveals, the SWAT team was intentionally shooting the news crew after they identified themselves as press and the sheriff’s dept. lied about it in an attempted cover-up.

Additionally, the sheriff’s dept. also claimed Al-Jazeera America “thanked their officers,” yet this video also shows the SWAT team never attempted to talk to the reporters.

Reporters David Knight and Darrin McBreen also contributed to this report.

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