Captain America started out by taking on Nazis and defending freedom, now, however, Marvel has him siding with Democrats in Washington and beating up on conservatives who quote the US Constitution.

A video by the MacIver Institute boils the development down into a minute long analysis:

Essentially, a new black “liberal” Captain America decides that he cannot remain apolitical and states “”I have a side. That’s right. I have opinions. Strongly held beliefs, even,” while staring over the Capitol building.

He decides to cut ties with SHIELD (US intelligence) and go into business for himself, setting his own agenda.

“If I really believed I could make a difference — if I really believed I could change some minds. Do some good — then wasn’t I obligated to try?” the new Captain America states.

After he announces his intentions to the public, wanting to “focus on trying to bring folks together,” the media brand him “Anti-American”.

Then Captain America heads to the southern border to beat up some evil right wingers who are “threatening” innocent illegal immigrants who just want to be left alone.

The evil Commander makes some evil statements about building a wall and not wanting illegal immigrants to bring crime and disease into America.

“By invading this sovereign land, you defy the laws of God, nature, and the United States Constitution!”the evildoers declare.

“Therefore, I hereby apprehend you by the power vested in me by the aforementioned God, nature, et cetera, et cetera,” the Supreme bad guy adds.

“Until the mighty wall is built, you come here for employment that is rightfully ours! And if denied it, you seek welfare paid for by our tax dollars!” the crazy evil villain shouts at the innocent immigrants.

The gun-toting red eyed villains in hoods, dubbed the ‘Sons of the Serpent’ refer to the hero as ‘Captain Socialism’, while attempting to apprehend the group of illegal aliens crossing the desert from Mexico into Arizona.

The new Captain America tells the villains to stop picking on unarmed women and children, and to pack up and go home.

The ending of the stand off is not revealed as Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, arrives and orders the new Captain America, Sam Wilson to stand down.

Are the creators of this Captain America just blatantly using the character and Marvel as a vehicle for a leftist political agenda? Or will the original Captain America point out how batshit crazy Sam Williams is acting?

It seems that the former is the case, given the portrayal of the “villains,” and the fact that the comic’s writer, Nick Spencer, has made abundantly clear his political leanings on social media:


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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