Humans are now so permanently sedentary, a company has developed a “wearable chair” that lets you sit down anywhere.

The chair appears to be about as comfortable as a squatty potty and looks absolutely ridiculous, but it lets you stare at your phone in a slightly more convenient way than standing up.

Living the dream!

The chair, which is called LEX and costs $186 dollars, can only support up to 265 pounds of weight, so obese lazy people who are most likely to want to use it won’t be able to.

The creators say the chair will “change how we use our workspace,” meaning you will no longer have to be physically located in your slave pod as you toil away for a faceless transnational corporation.

Alex Jones is live right now breaking down the decadent collapse of society.

But hey, given that our future is living in reclaimed sewer pipes because no one can afford actual houses, maybe the wearable chair will become a practical space-saving utility item.

Respondents weren’t too impressed.

“I feel like they’re trying to make wall-e a reality,” commented one.

“I think in the next version it will come with an attached toilet,” remarked another.

“Perfect for lazy fucks who don’t want to stand and increase lethargic tendencies,” said another.

One Twitter user summed it up nicely.


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