A.M. Freyed

May 8, 2012

Chen’s egress from China … allows the Communist government in Beijing to save face—which is the only way they were ever going to let him out. That said, the whole incident remains a blemish on the U.S. human rights record. – US News and World Report (5/7/12)

The China hand tells me that U.S. officials were “in a big hurry to resolve things … and left some pretty significant loose ends flapping in the wind … Chen wasn’t mentioned, and far be it that a human rights disgrace would prevent [Hillary] Clinton from doing business with Chen’s tormentors. – Washington Post (5/3/12)

You Can’t See the Future From the Man-Cave … Greg Smith has left the Man Cave … At the Daily Beast’s “Women In the World” Summit a few weeks ago, the journalist Niall Ferguson asked Christine Lagarde if more women in senior roles could have prevented the financial crisis. She responded, “Unlike Lehman Brothers, Lehman Sisters might have avoided default.” – Faith Popcorn, Huffington Post (4/29/12)

It is fashionable to claim, as sexist futurist Faith Popcorn has done recently, that women will make the world a better place as they increasingly help take the reins at the very top of power politics.

But in handling the recent firestorm surrounding blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (among others) provides us with much evidence this simply isn’t so.

As of this date, Chen looks to be able to leave China with his family to “study abroad.” He’s one of the lucky ones, able to avoid being trapped in the growing industrial Gulag of the modern, “progressive” Chinese state.

There are hundreds of millions who are not so fortunate, or are committing suicide to avoid a barren life … one that too-often involves constructing meaningless Western consumerist toys for almost all of their waking hours.

These days, of course, such consumerist baubles are increasingly less in demand. Something must be done, but what? How about a new Cold War to distract the masses (both East and West) from the failure of the Western “capitalist” model as promoted by the top elites …

It seems clear that the global elites that want to fully run the planet are now increasingly positioning China as an “enemy” of the West – or at least an ominous rival, shades of the former Soviet Union. The Chen saga fits right into that larger paradigm.

As the Chinese economy is collapsing in any case, soon things will get even worse. A furor over “human rights” obscures just for another moment the growing failure of the Chinese model of Western regulatory democracy.

China’s downward economic trajectory (it has no one left to trade with as the world slumps into a generalized depression) is not being properly covered by a bought-and-paid elitist mainstream press.

But this is apparently a deliberate ploy. We are watching the morphing of the Chinese Miracle into the Chinese Threat.

Hillary Clinton is part of this phony role-playing. She’s proven herself to be the ultimate Western-style apparatchik. In fact, this latest phony “incident” only proves how brazenly she plays the game.

She’s as merciless as any male … or more. Tales of her confrontational (even lethal) style of politics abound. She was recently in the news for her statement regarding Muammar Gaddafi’s brutal murder and apparent buggery.

“We came, we saw, he died,” she told her interlocutor sitting in a nicely appointed office – and each tittered.

Both sexes at the top – running Western government – are seemingly equally merciless; human beings in similar situations unfortunately seem to work within a certain, terrible logic and genitals are the least of it.

The Chen Guangcheng episode increasingly seems part of this larger, deliberate and evolving Chinese narrative. The Western mainstream media is intimately involved in this highly dramatic story of a blind man who scaled the wall of his house-prison, avoided hundreds of sighted Chinese military guards and then, having “smelled” the river, nearby, made his escape.

The more outrageous the tale, the more the top elites apparently enjoy telling it. The Hegelian-dialectical tool used by the global elites is very blunt. In the Middle East, for instance, the war on terror and military and political action generally are being utilized to first polarize Islam and the West and then gradually provide a synthesis that will allow both to operate as one large (directed) entity.

Economies are to be merged along with cultural and political perspectives. The same thing is apparently underway in Asia. Over and over tension is introduced – perhaps even warfare – and then relaxed. Gradually the “synthesis” is achieved between Western and Asian sociopolitical and economic systems.

Money Power promotions stand ready to help via cultural convergence. See here, recently, from the Guardian:

China to build $1.27bn Hollywood co-production film studio … Chinawood, a new film-making centre outside Tianjin, will service co-productions between the US and China … East-west united … The Karate Kid was a co-production between Hollywood and China …

When it comes to the elite dialectic and Money Power, there is likely no difference at all between the genders. The dialectical methodology can work anywhere. Men and women are equally hapless as society and culture is bloodily minced within its carefully crafted gears.

Each is equally prone to being ground down and each (if a certain kind of person) shall perform utterly shameless and brutal acts to uphold and increase their chances of survival and accumulation of clout.

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