John Smithers
Wake Up 1776
May 20, 2010

For the first time in a long time I feel that the globalist/communist/international banker/progressives (aka the “New World Order”) are in a reaction phase due to this Arizona law. They are not used to reacting. They are used to being proactive in taking away our sovereignty. They have been in charge for a very long time and are now starting to see an uprising like never before.

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Anyone notice that all of the talk shows are booking Spaniards like Antonio Banderas and other Hispanics? Ellen’s show, the View, and a bunch of other daily talk shows are focusing on nothing but bashing the Arizona law. That means they are scared that other states may pass similar legislation. Stopping illegal immigration will halt the North American Union, the American version of the European Union. The globalists strategy is to flood our nation with foreigners so that they can promise the foreigners free subsidies on the backs of the American taxpayers. But having 50 free and independent Republics (states) passing immigration reform will utterly destroy their hopes of destroying our nation through invasion.

And now today we have the Mexican “president” lecturing American lawmakers today on what laws we should and should not pass. And then try to tell us that the guns we make are what is causing the fighting in Mexico? I just get a sense that the New World Order is in jeopardy and they are scared we will take our nation back one state at a time.

Good job Arizona! Keep it up. We all support you! Every state needs to push for an Arizona law so they aren’t going it alone. They need us on their left and right flanks in this fight!

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