Kurt Nimmo
November 3, 2013

New York cops had a tough job today. They “screened” 45,000 runners at the New York Marathon. In addition to the TSA treatment at the start line, the runners were monitored by 1,500 surveillance cameras. Around a hundred mobile cameras filled any gaps.

“Prior to taking their starting positions on Staten Island, runners will be screened and their bags inspected,” the NYPD said in a statement. “The New York Road Runners has provided the participants with clear bags to expedite this process.”

Spectators were also subjected to bag searches. The NYPD said rampant violations of the Fourth Amendment are necessary so there won’t be a repeat of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Police helicopters, harbor units and scuba divers were assigned, CBS News in the Big Apple reported.

“Counterterrorism officers as well as others in plainclothes will be on the route,” warned police Commissioner Ray Kelly. “And all officers have personal radiation detection capability, by devices on their tool belts or customized equipment in backpacks.”

The extra heavy “security,” or rampant violations of the Fourth, are part of an on-going, long term propaganda campaign designed to acclimate citizens to a ramped up police state.

The Boston Marathon bombing, with its incongruities and unexplained oddities, is a showpiece rolled out to excuse the presence of cops who are indistinguishable from combat troops.

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