As the video below unmistakably shows, Eric Garner was killed by the cops.

His crime? Allegedly selling cigarettes not approved and taxed by the state. Garner was knocked to the ground and a white police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, strangled him to death. The suffocation was exacerbated by the fact Garner suffered from asthma.

Unfortunately, the racial component of this murder will feed the race war hysteria coming out of Ferguson, Missouri. It will allow the race war opportunists to promote their agenda.

The race war opportunists have managed to pave over the larger issue – out of control federally militarized cops at war with citizens. All races in the United States suffer from police violence.

Following riots in Ferguson and black-on-white murder in St. Louis in reaction to a grand jury decision exonerating policeman Darren Wilson, race war activists justified the destruction of private property (including property owned by black merchants) and disrupting commerce.

The latest call for violence has come from perennial firebrand Rev. Louis Farrakhan. On Saturday, Farrakhan delivered a speech at Morgan State University, a black college in Baltimore. He said Islam permits a “law for retaliation” and violence should be used following the Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury decisions.

“Watch now, because once it starts, it’s on. You may not want to fight, but you better get ready. Teach your baby how to throw the bottle if they can,” he said, referring a Molotov cocktail.

He encouraged black people to disrupt commerce. “As long as they [whites] kill us [blacks] and go to Wendy’s and have a burger and go to sleep, they gonna keep killing us,” he said. “But when we die and they die, then soon we’re going to sit at a table and talk about it! We’re tired! We want some of this earth or we’ll tear this [expletive] country up!”

Police on Staten Island, where Garner was killed, are preparing for protests and possible violence in the wake of a grand jury decision.

“There certainly will be increased police presence in the area, especially around the vicinity of where they anticipate demonstrations to be taking place, and that is something that I believe the NYPD is taking very seriously,” said Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis. Her district includes parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn.

“Here on Staten Island, Eric Garner had a lot of friends, especially in that area, and he’s very, very well missed by a lot of people who’s anxiously waiting the decision,” said Cynthia Davis of the National Action Network. “So I even think maybe some agitators may try to worm their way in and try to cause problems, but we’re just praying and hoping that that doesn’t happen.”

New York’s Democrat Mayor, Bill de Blasio, said he does not expect violence after the grand jury decision is handed down.

“There will be protests, it’s part of a democracy. But in this city we respect that,” de Blasio said last week. “We allow protests to happen the right way and, generally speaking, in a way that really fosters non-violence and people participating in their society in the right manner.”

On Monday De Blasio met with Obama, Biden and Rev. Al Sharpton in Washington to discuss events in Ferguson.

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