A New York State police officer threatened to file criminal charges against a man for video recording him during a traffic stop.

“How about if I see you post this on Youtube, I’ll find a way for the D.A.s office to arrest you,” said the trooper, whose name is Rosenblatt, according to the Youtube video posted Sunday.

“Is it illegal to record police officers?” asks John Houghtaling

“When I tell you to put the phone down and you disregard what I’m telling you, yes, it is,” Rosenblatt responds.

“So am I being detained for recording?”

“Put the phone down.”

“Is it illegal to record officers,” Houghtaling asks.

“Give me your license and registration,” the cop says.

Houghtaling complies with this request, but continues recording.

The cop tells him he is being pulled over for having a loud exhaust pipe but continues to order him to “get the phone out of my face.”

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