Robert Wanek
May 10, 2010

Names and and images are scarce due to the legal restrictions upon me, at a later date a vast amount of the 400+ page transcript will be available to the public.

Dating way back to December when I was a Junior at Breckenridge High School, many of you probably encountered my video describing how I was assaulted and suspended by faculty for handing out anti-vaccine information. This video gained over 31,000 views in three days, reaching the front pages of youtube, and gaining mega viral status. The attention garnered from this my video led to hundreds of phone calls and emails pouring into Breckenridge High, eventually the teacher who assualted me filed a restraining order on behalf of him and his family in an attempt to halt production of my online videos. the petition for restraining order was accepted and the terms were highly unconstitutional and orwellian, I was no longer allowed to mention BHS staff members names on the internet, and no video could be shot of any teachers in public, a gag order was also in place to prevent me from discussing the contents of the order.

In this restraining order it was stated that I made death threats and displayed threatening behavior/ made threatening phone calls to staff homes. Alleged threats including ‘Putting an axe through your forehead’ , ‘Burning down your house’, and even ‘Killing your children.’ I was shocked to read that these comments and these sick statements supposedly were the work of me?? I would never engage in such horrendous behavior, and I certainly wouldn’t jeapordize my credible by harrassing faculty at their homes. A 2 year harrassment restraining order was accepted by the court against me putting major limitations on my quest for justice after being assaulted.

Armed with the phone records to prove my innocence I aquired Sam Johnson from Johnson Law Offices in Wahpeton, ND to represent me in repealing this fraudulent restraining order. After all, the order even stated I could be arrested for ‘Third Parties’ contacting the school or engaging in activism. The first hearing was simply a debate between the opposing attorney and Mr. Johnson, the matter was continued. Hearing number two on the issue was a grueling 9 hour court appearence in which Judge Peter Hoff could not make a decision on the matter. Throughout the entire hearing Mr. Hoff refused to accept evidence from us, he overruled possibly 98% of my lawyers’ objections, and viewed and assesed evidence before it had been marked or admitted. That is a major conduct violation.

Newly Released Court Transcripts Prove Judge Misconduct In Robert Wanek Case 150410banner7

Recently I was able to obtain a copy of the court transcript which shows clearly that I am being denied my rights to a fair hearing and corruption is present in the court room. My final hearing will be in less than 30 days, after forking out over $3,000 in lawyer fees, if this corruption continues and the judge decides to overrule the first amendment I will be unable to afford an appeal hearing, the Judical Review Board is currently investigating my claims of judge misconduct and hopefully justice will finally be served. Below are just a few of many occasions where statutes are clearly ignored.

If you would like to help me in funding my fight for free speech you are welcome to do so by visiting sending funds to the paypal adress : [email protected] or using the chipin widget listed below, it is greatly appreciated.

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