Kurt Nimmo
September 17, 2013

The credibility of the anti-Second Amendment agenda pushed by CNN and the New York Daily News has taken a serious blow with the revelation today that the alleged shooter at the Navy Yard in Washington did not use an AR-15.

Piers Morgan, the Brit blowhard staunchly opposed to the Second Amendment and the idea that Americans have a natural right to self defense, targeted the popular semi-automatic weapon on his CNN show last night.

Mike Lupica, writing from the anti-gun Mecca of America, New York City, insisted Aaron Alexis had an “assault weapon,” shorthand for the popular semi-automatic rifle.

This time the shooter is reported to be a Navy reservist named Aaron Alexis and when he is shot dead by law enforcement, taken out before he can put a gun to his own head the way Lanza did, he has his light, handy assault weapon with him, and a semiautomatic pistol, and a shotgun.

We shouldn’t expect CNN and The New York Daily News, a newspaper owned by Obama speechwriter Mortimer Zuckerman, to be objective.

Chomping at the bit defines the anti-Second Amendment crowd and the faux pas on the AR-15 rumor underscores how shameless they are in exploiting tragedies to push their anti-liberty agenda on the rest of us.

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