Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald stoked outrage after he insulted actress Mary Tyler Moore on the day she died.

Shortly after Tyler’s death was announced, Eichenwald, who also writes for Vanity Fair, tweeted, “I have to bid a heart-sick farewell to Mary Tyler Moore. When I was a kid, I wanted to marry her. Did better.”

The tweet was subsequently deleted, but the Internet never forgets.

Other users responded to Eichenwald with a mixture of shock and bafflement.

“Terrible post. Just terrible,” wrote one.

“Please remove this. No need to slam MTM the day she died. This is kinda tasteless,” added another.

Another Twitter user responded with her own addition to Eichenwald’s tweet.

Eichenwald has made a name for himself over recent weeks after a series of bizarre incidents, including one where he claimed a Twitter user caused him to have an epileptic fit after sending a GIF image.

He also tweeted that Donald Trump had been institutionalized in the early 1990s, before subsequently claiming that the tweets were a “series of jokes” and also intended to be “signal to a source” to talk with him.

Eichenwald also took part in a bizarre interview with Tucker Carlson in which he held up a dossier of “Tucker Carlson falsehoods” but failed to cite any actual falsehoods.

So a leftist Newsweek writer insulted a woman’s appearance, implying she was ugly, on the day that she died.

Yet it’s conservatives who are the bigoted, misogynistic sexists. OK.


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