Laurence Vance
May 17, 2011

Editor’s note: Newt is just another garden variety statist who thinks government should lord over subjects for their own damn good. In addition to supporting Obamacare, or Gingrichcare, he also advocates drug testing everybody in the country. In other words, if this guy becomes president – and he won’t – he would force you at gunpoint to demonstrate to the state you don’t take drugs imported by the CIA and the banksters. A vote for Newt would be a vote for radically expanding the prison-slave complex.

Gingrich made the case on Meet the Press yesterday, not for a free market in medical care and medical insurance, but for Gingrichcare. Interesting that back in 1993 Gingrich said he favored the federal government requiring individuals to buy health insurance and then subsidizing individuals’ purchase of health insurance on a “sliding scale” determined by their income. Now he supports requiring all individuals to buy health insurance, post a bond to pay for health care, or in some way indicate that they are going to be accountable.

Is any of this a surprise? I think Gingrich for president will turn out to be a total flop like Giuliani for president.

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